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Accelerate sourcing timelines with service providers using pre-approved contracts.

Illuminate spend, find savings opportunities, and automate negotiations.

Pipeline Performance Management
Contract Intelligence

Augment your team with strategic sourcing expertise.

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Spend Overview

Enhanced UI

Spend Overview

- See your expected total savings at a glance and identify your top opportunities for savings potential.
- Quickly find specific saving opportunities using our powerful filters.
- Divide and conquer by segmenting categories and splitting responsibilities across your team with customizable service lines.

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Save More

Deep Dive

- Quickly identify on and off contract spend.
- Visualize spend changes over time.
- Slice and dice data to truly understand your contracted suppliers and facilities.

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Transactions, large

Ease of Use


- Create an audit trail that maps all your analytics back to your AP file.
- Easily re-categorize transactions or even entire suppliers into a different category.

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