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connect with peers

Reasons to join

• Network with peers to share sourcing challenges and best practices

• Proactively benchmark one category per month against your peers to determine the competitiveness of your current contracts

• Expand your department’s category-specific knowledge


Get more insights

How it works

The Category Co-op meets once a month on one topic selected by the collective. Ahead of the group meeting, participants submit their contracts (and related information) to their Conductiv Customer Success Manager.

Conductiv will anonymize and aggregate datapoints across the group, and present the information via web conference.

In addition to the group overview presented during monthly meetings, participating organizations will receive their own personalized Precision Benchmark Report on the selected category - complimentary. Collaborate directly with your peers to access a deeper level of market intelligence.

Small Office Space

Participation is voluntary

What you need to know

Participation is required in order to receive results on any category. There is no cost to participate or receive the complimentary report for the one selected category that month. Conducitv’s role in this co-op is to anonymize the data, provide a benchmark report, and to facilitate the group presentation where members can share their sourcing challenges and best practices.

Participation in this consortium is voluntary and does not interfere with the number of benchmarks that can be ordered with a Contract Intelligence subscription. 

This forum was created for front-line supply chain experts. Registration from suppliers, consultants and/or GPO employees are not accepted at this time.